5 Drinks To Help You Lose Weight

Are you a sufferer of so many shallow and time-consuming weight loss efforts? Sigh…

Finding an effective weight loss technique in not less than a blessing for weight conscious people and at the same time is not a cup of tea. We see hundreds of sites and brands publishing & introducing so many fat loss and anti-chubbiness tricks all resulting in vain.

You can get rid of all these shits only if along with your eating routine, you be a little more conscious of your drinking habits as well. Those trendy and well-liked energy drinks, soft drinks and even fruit juices with carbohydrates, flavored sugar and other ingredients are a big disruption in your weight loss techniques. Here we will introduce you to Top 5 naturally blessed liquids or drinks to help you reach your target in a healthy way:


woman-drinking-waterThis naturally calorie-free and gifted fluid of nature helps lower the risks of weight gains. Research shows that 40-50% of adults in the US increase their water intake when they intend to lose weight. So it’s so important to knot your mind with its significance in weight reduction.

Try to drink as many glasses of water a day as possible and burn up to 100 calories per day. Don’t forget to take at least one glass of water 15 minutes before meals as it will not only make you feel full quickly but also helps lose weight faster. Your liver starts burning more fats when your water intake is very good. A healthy intake of it can really help you have a flat belly and ideal weight.

You may add a little flavor of lemon, lime or cucumber to it if it feels boring to devour all day.

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organicGreen tea is a proven way to speed up metabolism and lose weight quicker because the caffeine it contains fuels your fat burning metabolism.3 to 5 cups of green tea a day helps you scrub down excess water weight and burn 35-40% more fat. It is useful if drink:

  • Hot or cooled
  • Mixed with a little spoon of honey

You may also add some flavor to your green tea routine, for instance, the pomegranate green tea, cranberry green tea and others. However, when you go for the flavored green teas, make sure you don’t get trapped into extra sugared and non-natural sweeteners as advised by the experts. The quality of green tea also varies from brand to brand, so look for those that use all natural ingredients and avoid adding up number of unnecessary features.


The caffeine in coffee helps suppresses your need to eat and boost up your metabolism that results heating up your body and burns fat and calories. Coffee or may say the caffeine in it keeps you active and energized and workout for a long period and lose weight faster. But make sure not to take it more than 3 times a day and take care of what you going to make it with – skim milk and very little sugar.

Fat-free or skim milk is high in calcium that suppresses calcitriol & and hunger – a way to breakdown fat much faster. So next time you serve yourself a coffee, do not ignore the ingredients and always opt for the low fat or skim milk that contains all the vitamins exclusive of the additional fat.


Vegetable juice is both yummy for your taste buds and healthy for your tummy. A research at Penn State University shows that drinking a glass of vegetable juice a day cause you eat less and provides your body all the required fiber and nutrients it needs to expedite your weight loss process.

youngVegetables help you feel full longer and if it doesn’t seem doable for you to make a juice out of it or it doesn’t suit your condition, you may simply rely on plain water as well as mentioned above.

This fruit of nature is one of the best influential antioxidants and hence a healthy source of weight loss!

Yes it contains sugar but it doesn’t hold fats so it’s better to eat it than those fat-full and sugared sweets.

Sugar is the reason fruit juices are not recommended much when comes to losing weight; however, taking a small glass of pure grape juice before going to bed helps you sleep well and burn fat ideally. Juices taken before bed cause the discharge of insulin from our body which keeps the circadian rhythms fit and normal.

Also a study in International Journal Obesity 2015 says that the antioxidants in grapes convert the calorie-storing white fat into calorie-burning brown fat –a kind of fuel that speeds up the metabolism and eliminate body fats.

So these were some of the so many easy-to-made and always-available-at-home drinks to keep you on the track to lose weight quicker and with no trouble.


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