Foods To Help You Lose Weight

Oh weight… waits please!

weight-transformationShouting this out will not help unless you take care of your dieting without keeping your health aside. It is so wrong a concept here of eating less and gaining less.

This is not the case. You have to eat healthy to stay healthy. And hey listen! Healthy does not mean *weighty body* it means a fit and perfect body with no useless calories and fat.

Here we will share a list of healthy foods, backed by science as well, to help you enjoy a health you always wish for.

Whole Eggs:

This long disparaged thing by all is now taking a comeback for the nutrients and vitamins and benefits it contains. Egg was once considered the most dangerous food to eat especially for the heart patients because of its high cholesterol content. New studies show that it doesn’t badly influence blood cholesterol and cause heart-attacks and is now considered the best food for weight loss. Whole eggs are full of valuable nutrients including protein vitamins B12 and D, riboflavin, and folate.

Eggs have the power to make you feel full all day with extremely short measure of calories. Eating eggs for breakfast helps you lose weight effectively and in a healthy way.


Chicken Breast & Unprocessed Beef

These two are one of the best weight loss friendly foods and high in protein. Red meat has been held responsible for so many health problems despite of no reasonable facts and grounds. Protein is the root to fat burn. Eating diets that are high in protein can make you burn fat up to 100 additional calories in a day.

Studies and research show that 30% increase of protein in your daily diet helps reducing your craving and late night snacking desires which ultimately cause weight loss. The increase of protein makes the dieting process or weight loss process so simple and easy; can help losing a pound per week so easily.


Boiled Potatoes

Potatoes are a rich source of nutrients. Whether they are white or sweet they are all fat-free and a very good addition to weight loss diet plan. The diversity of nutrients in it makes it the perfect food when it comes to weight loss.

Even baked potatoes are so rich in calories and fiber and a very good source of vitamin A, C and B6 as well as potassium. If you plan to eat them in boiled form then let them cool first as it produces a large amount of fiber and lots of health benefits. However when these potatoes are fried they turn to be the worst addition to weight loss diet plan.

There are lots of people that eat nothing and rely on potatoes only when on diet. The rich amount of potassium in it also helps control blood pressure. Potatoes are considered to be the most fulfilling foods in the world. They help you fell full all day and crave less for other foods.



No one in the world can deny the importance and healthy effects of fruits. Abundant of studies show that people who eat fruits and vegetables tend to be fit and healthier than those who do not. They contain so many properties to be regarded as weight loss friendly food.

Yes they are sugary but the fiber in them does not let the sugar get mixed into the bloodstream so quickly, also they consume less energy and take time to chew up which is good for health. You may minimize the fruits intake if you are on a low carb diet or have intolerance to fructose – a type of sugar.



This naturally calorie-free and gifted fluid of nature helps lower the risks of weight gains. Research shows that 40-50% of adults in the US increase their water intake when they intend to lose weight. So it’s so important to knot your mind with its significance in weight reduction.

Try to drink as many glasses of water a day as possible and burn up to 100 calories per day. Don’t forget to take at least one glass of water 15 minutes before meals as it will not only make you feel full quickly but also helps lose weight faster. Your liver starts burning more fats when your water intake is very good. A healthy intake of it can really help you have a flat belly and ideal weight.

You may add a little flavor of lemon, lime or cucumber to it if it feels boring to devour all day.



Before enjoying the meal, take in some amount of cabbage that is rich in vitamin C – the antioxidant. It works wonder in satisfying your appetite and suppressing hunger, reducing calorie intake and injecting a good amount of fiber in your body.

These are of course not all the foods that help reduce weight and cut fat. To add more options you may look for full fat yoghurt, nuts, lettuce, cauliflower, leafy greens, salmon, beans, soups and so much more high in fiber and vitamin items that work against obesity.



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