Proven Ways To Expedite Metabolism

Metabolism can be described as our body’s ability to handle calories and fats. A fast and active metabolism is indeed a blessing as it plays a very important role in losing weight so quickly. In our society, there’s so wrong a concept – the less you eat, the more you knock off your weight! This is simply erroneous.

Give yourself a healthy and enough food and daily workouts to boost your metabolism system.  Our metabolism performance also depends upon so many factors such as, physical condition, gender, age, inheritance etcetera; however, following a few healthy and proven tips and techniques, as mentioned below, can help you lose weight and gain a healthy metabolism composition:


temperatureResearch has shown that a cool temperature helps your body produce brown fat – the kind of fat that adds fuel to the fire or in other words speeds up a slow metabolism and eradiate extra body fats as well.

If you ask half out of ten people to sleep in a heat-controlled rooms and the rest in contrary for some months, you will see those who were in a climate controlled environment has formed double the amount of brown fat than they were generating before. Turning down temperature also helps your body burn fat & boost up your glucose metabolism.

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stressYou’re so weight conscious and can do anything to get rid of it but you stress things out, yeah? Then just STOP it right there and then!

Stress causes you gain weight promptly and slow down the metabolism. It not only influences your eating habits but also produces dangerous hormones that further sluggish and weaken the metabolic system. So next time you stress things out, think twice or thrice of the chubbiness it will cause.


sleepA research in the American Journal of Physiology shows scooping off sleep is a big chaos for a healthy metabolism. Those who sleep at least for 7 hours a day produce more brown fat and own a healthier metabolism than those who sleep for just 4 hours. Sleeping less also directs you to stress and thus encourages your brain to produce cortisol – the most dangerous hormone for a fit metabolism. So scary!

Taking sufficient rest and a good nap is the crucial need of your body especially when you talk about weight loss. So, keep aside the to-do-list and sleep well!


The more you indulge in physical activities, the more you speed up your metabolism. Strength training exercise sets fire to the metabolic rate and promotes muscle mass. It is a great source of speeding up a slow metabolism.



A study in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health shows that adults who do most of the tasks while standing burn more calories and thus own a healthy metabolism as compared to those who do the reverse.

Every bit helps –so start taking and noticing these small steps that help you have a healthy life.


quit-diet-sodaOkay, so you may not agree but a research in Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism shows that diet drinks may have no calories but may harmfully distress the normal metabolic system. Besides unhealthy metabolism, such drinks cause weight gains, diabetes, high blood level and heart diseases.


Are you laughing out loud enough to kick off the unwanted weight and surplus chubbiness? No? Then start it – it’s completely free of cost!

It’s like a workout; if you laugh for a few or 10 minutes, it helps you burn 10 to 20% calories. It may not sound enough to you but as mentioned above – Every Bit Helps.

Light yourself up a little & Laugh!


Are you one of them who believe in “eat less & gain less”? Then stop being one of them from now onwards.

In order to live a healthy life you need to have a healthy metabolism which is impossible until you eat enough as per your body’s needs & requirements.

If you aren’t taking in a good amount of calories, you’re slowing down the speed of your metabolism. Don’t you remember Carolyn Brown saying “Under-fueling is just as risky as over-fueling”. Let’s have look at some of the healthy diets you should be taking keep your metabolism on the go:

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  • Green Tea: take a cup of green tea every morning following a 20 minutes workout consequences awesome results
  • Egg Yolk: add egg yolks as part of your weight loss diet plan – the nutrients (fat-soluble vitamins, fatty acids and choline) it contains affects your metabolism positively.
  • Protein: Protein intake helps your metabolism perform well, burn fat and maintain muscle mass.
  • Garlic & Lemon Water: Chewing two to three cloves of garlic every morning following a glass of lemon water not only helps expedite the fat burn process but also improves your blood circulation. All you have to do is *bear its pungent smell*
  • Apple: An apple a day keeps the doctor away so does metabolic syndromes.
  • Water: This naturally calorie-free substance lowers risks of weight gain. Don’t just stick to the rule of drinking 8 glass of water a day – you can drink more then why not!

So the above-mentioned tips are of course not all but some of the very easy weight loss techniques. Grab all of the above You Weight Conscious Peeps!


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