Low Carb Diet Plan

To all the weight-conscious & favorite-food-lorn people out there! It’s time to kick out chubbiness without being deprived of delicious chows. Here’s the yummy solution for your journey towards fat-to-fit.

The Low-Carb diet plan – that only bans items containing carbohydrates and offer you strong nutritions including protein, healthy vegetables and fat. This low-carb diet plan will help you improve your health by losing weight and controlling your blood sugar through reducing your starches and sugar intake that cause plumpness and de-shaped body. Let’s have a detailed look at what to grab and what to not:


  • Meat: It’s high in many nutrients and a great source of vitamin B12, B3, B6, iron, zinc, and selenium and a variety of further vitamins and natural resources
  • Fish: loaded with essential nutrients, this yummy thing is considered amongst the healthiest foods on earth
  • Egg: this economical, high in quality protein house is a rich source of vitamin B2, selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and natural resources for example copper, iron and zinc
  • Vegetables (that grow above ground): A chief source of potassium, dietary fiber, folic acid and vitamin A & C
  • Naturally fat-foods: recent studies show that all the foods containing fat are now considered as the best healthy foods and super nutritious.

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Some of the naturally fat-foods are:

  • Whole Eggs
  • Avocados
  • Cheese
  • Full-fat Yogurt
  • Nuts
  • Butter
  • Coconuts/Coconut Oil


Say a big NO to intricate carbohydrates or can say sugary and starchy things, such as:

  • Grains /whole grains: not so nutritious as compared to animals and vegetables, full of gluten, spikes blood sugar
  • Rice: harder to digest, simple carbohydrates, linked to obesity and heart diseases, low in sodium
  • White Flour: causes blood sugar issues, slows down metabolism
  • Breads: high in carbs, spikes blood sugar
  • Pastas: high in carbohydrates, gluten
  • Beans/black beans: causes gastrointestinal problems
  • Carrots: high sugar content
  • Peas: the purines in it may cause uric acid issues
  • Potatoes (french fries, potato chips): starchy carbohydrates with little protein
  • Soft Drinks, Fruit Juices, Candies, and Ice-Cream & Related Things: Some of the problems causes by these are dehydration, high-sugar intake, and weight gain and calcium depletion.

When sugar and starches are avoided, blood sugar gets stabilized and insulin that stores fat jumps down.


Your diet plan always depends on your health condition and workout routine. It depends on how much weight you need to lose, how active and healthy you are and how many hours you spend kicking off your fatness. Follow all the guidelines mentioned above or below as per your health and one thing to note *don’t forget to consult with an expert by the time.* if you’re blessed with a good health then you may afford to devour a little bit more carb as below:

Potatoes/Sweet Potatoes and some other tubers

Rice, oats and other non-gluten grains

Lentils, beans

Dark Chocolates

Dry Wines with no additional sugar and carbs

Note: Okay okay, you possess a good health but that doesn’t mean you start munching dark chocolates in a go. Have a little control on yourself and don’t drool over Chocó and wine as it will only hinder your progress towards a fit life. Show patience and stay healthy!


Water: at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day keeps our body fresh and its requirements intact. It’s the only liquid that safely trims down weight, gives you a younger look and saves you from so many skin disorders. These are, of course, not all the benefits linked to water – they are countless!

Tea: this antioxidant and less caffeinated liquid helps you lose weight faster and boost your immune system keeping your bones secure and smile dazzling.

Coffee: this high in caffeine drink helps you lose weight and stay active in the long run

Sugar-free carbonated beverages: can’t you keep yourself away from beverages and soft drinks? So go for their counterparts – the sugar-free ones.  But keep that in mind that too much consumption of these diet/sugar-free drinks may hamper your fitness plans.

We’ve designed a sample low-carb menu for you that supply less carbs per day and of course it’s all general and wide-ranging and not something engraved in a rock:

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You may set your breakfast routine as below:

Omelet with butter fried vegetables OR sometimes you may serve your breakfast with Bacon & coconut oil-fried Egg

Lunch craving can be filled up with:

meatMeat and vegetable salad mixed with olive oil OR yogurt mixed with berries and walnuts

Dinner can include:

Grilled meat or chicken, steak and munching with healthy veggies salad

So we hope you enjoy this healthy and yummy at the same time low-carb-diet-plan. However, the eventual victory depends on the individual so as advised above; follow the suggestions as per your healthiness and fitness.


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