Boosting your metabolism with strength training!

Resistance training is one of the best, if not THE best, way to increase muscles, strength and overall physical fitness. But what might not be common knowledge is that resistance training can be used to turn your fat furnace on.

What it basically means is that your muscles are bound to get stronger and tougher if you constantly apply resistance to it.

So more intense workouts will lead to higher muscle gains. In this article, I will talk about the various benefits of resistance training and how it helps boosts your metabolism rate leading to maximum benefits.

The Oxford Dictionary definition of resistance training is ‘Physical training that involves lifting weights’. It can also be called Strength Training. It means that by lifting heavier weights with more sets and reps and doing tougher exercises, you can train your body in an efficient way to gain maximum muscle growth.

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Benefits of Resistance training:

  1. Improves muscle strength resulting in a much more toned physique and also improves stamina so you can work out longer and harder.
  2. Helps burn off massive amounts of fat which means that you can achieve the perfect body that you desire.
  3. As your muscle mass increases, the muscle to fat ratio also improves making you fitter and your body can burn off more calories throughout the day.
  4. It also helps keep us flexible which means you’ll have increased mobility. This will benefit and increase performance in your everyday life too.
  5. Studies also show that resistance training can lead to a better night’s sleep. So for all those with light insomnia, this form of training might be the answer.
  6. It also has long term benefits as it keeps your heart healthy by preventing diseases like diabetes, arthritis and obesity. Moreover, it decreases risk of injury.
  7. This also heightens your self-respect because you know you have powered through a tough form of training and succeeded.
  8. But perhaps the greatest benefit of resistance training is how it boobs your metabolism rate. Our metabolic rate is the rate by which our bodies process foods and by making it process our food much faster, resistance training helps us shed weight and gain muscle.

Metabolic Resistance training:

This is a different form of resistance training that isn’t for beginners. It is tough and requires your all. This is because it is very extreme and intense yet very efficient.

There is no better time to apply the analogy that ‘No pain no gain’. In this, you heavily train your muscles in a no-holds-barred manner. This will rev up your metabolism rate immensely enabling you to burn of an excessive amount of calories in a much shorter period than usual. It also boosts your body’s ability to make muscle.

This is much more effective in boosting metabolism than regular strength training which means you can gain more muscle and burn more fat than other people.

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By increasing our metabolism rate, resistance training makes your body work excessively for the next 24 hours after your workout so it continuously burns calories.  By consistently training this way, our body increases mean muscle mass and increases our daily metabolic rate. The more muscle you have, the more fat you can burn off.

This following workout is designed for everyone who wants to give strength training a go. Even though all of these are tough exercises, they can be done by beginners. But you’ll still have to work hard at them as nothing in strength training is easy. It is all about that extra mile and that extra push you can give yourself. Without intense motivation you won’t be able to achieve what you want in life. Without the maximum effort, you won’t meet the goals you’ve set fir yourself.


  • Barbell Front Squats 8 reps 3 sets
  • Barbell Deadlifts 10 reps 3 sets
  • Walking Lunges 10 reps 3 sets
  • Barbell Presses 12 reps 3-4 sets
  • Barbell Rows 8-10 reps 3-4 sets
  • Jump Rope

Add this workout in your gym routine and you’ll soon start seeing the desired results.For all those of you who like supplements to provide themselves with energy and lose weight, there is none better than PhenQ.

It is an extremely strong dietary supplement than keeps you fit and strong for the gym. It goes great with resistance training as it makes you work harder in the gym. Its benefits can go on and on but ill try to summarize them up.

  • Boosts metabolism rate
  • Suppresses hunger
  • Burns stored fat
  • Improves energy levels
  • Keeps you active and mobile
  • Stops fat production
  • Made of quality ingredients likeCaffeine.

Another great weight loss nutritional supplement is Phen24. It is one of the best in the market and that is primarily because it greatly boosts up your metabolism rate forcing your body to work round the clock burning calories.

It contains two separate pills: day and night pills. This is to gain maximum benefit so fat is being burned 24 hours straight. Trust me, every minute that your body spends to burn calories is precious and takes you closer to your goals.

Aside of boosting metabolism, it provides huge amounts of energy that you can utilize, specially in resistance training.It is also known to greatly suppress daytime cravings that we all hate because they can ruin a diet you had worked hard to maintain.

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The night pills have also lead to a better sleep cycle and overall improved sleep which is important in weight loss as our body burns a lot of calories while we are asleep. It also has healthy ingredients likecaffeine, Guarana extract, Cayenne powder, etc. which make it one of the safest supplements out there.

The use of such supplements and a strict resistance training program combine for an explosive combination that will melt away your fat while simultaneously helping you bulk up and gain muscle. Work hard towards your perfect body and nothing will be able to get in your way!


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